527 Avenue 7
Attica, Indiana

Erwin Racing is a two car go-kart racing team.  We race 2-4 times each month from March to October at Ben Hur Speedway in
Crawfordsville, Indiana, Bi-State Speedway in Covington, Indiana, Kankakee Speedway in Kankakee, Illinois and Lake Village Motor
Speedway in Lake Village, Indiana.  Going into their 1
2th year of racing Megan and Kyle have racked up over 130 feature wins and 8
track championships.  We have traveled to Tunica, Mississippi and raced the National Indoor Championships.  This past year, we
traveled to Huntsville, Alabama and raced in the Chasin Racin’ Pro Kart Series.  While we didn’t win either race, we made the races
and had top 10 finishes and gained experience and raced against some of the best kart racers in the United States.  We have
traveled DuQuoin, Illinois and raced indoors for the past 4 years.  The #24 car is driven by Megan Erwin and the #9 car is driven by
Kyle Erwin.  The go-karts are built and maintained by Chris and Beth Erwin of Erwin Motorsports.  Engines are built by Justin Posey
of JPM Power Plants.   

Why do we race?

That is a very good question.  Is it for fun?  Partially.  The main reason is that we wanted to find a sport we could do as a family.  Many
of the sports that are available are for one person in the family.  In racing we work together as a family to clean the karts, adjust the
kart and compete.  This has enabled them to develop driving abilities and become more outgoing.  Racing has also been something
for the kids to do on the weekends and has helped keep them out of trouble.  Kyle raced his first race at just 4 ½ years old and Megan
at 6 1/2 .  They raced the Junior 1 purple plate class for a couple of years until Megan was old enough to move up to the Junior 2 blue
plate class.

Megan Erwin Driver of the #24 car

Megan is an energetic seventeen year old.  Her birthday is December 14, 1995.  She loves life and enjoys many sports other than
racing such as soccer, swimming and basketball.  Her favorite sport is racing and gets  very upset when she can’t race. We even
caught her making a race track with the lawn mower in the front yard.   Megan was a girl scout and attends Attica Jr./Sr. High school.  
She is an A student in the 1
1th grade and is very driven.  Megan is going into her 12th year of racing in 2013.  She started racing at
the age of 6 years old and raced her first competitive race at Bi-State Speedway in Covington, Indiana.  Since then Megan has
racked up over 50 feature wins and 3 track championships.  The championships where won in consecutive years, 2007, 2008 and
2009 at Lake Village Motor Speedway.  Not only was she the first female to win more than one championship at Lake Village she
was the only female to win 3 consecutive championships and only the second driver (male or female) to win 3 or more consecutive
Kyle Erwin, Driver of the #9 car

Kyle is fifteen years old and his birthday is December 22, 1997. He is laid back in general until it comes to racing. When placed in
anything with a motor and put on a race track he will give it everything he has to cross the finish line first. He enjoys swimming,
racing, and soccer. He is in
ninth grade and attends Attica Jr./ Sr. High School. He tries hard with his grades and most of the time
will make the A and B honor roll.  Kyle is going into his 1
2th year of racing in 2013.  He started racing at just the age of 4 years old
and raced his first competitive race at Bi-State Speedway in Covington, Indiana.  Since then Kyle has racked up over 80 feature
wins and 5 track championships.   Kyle won his first championship at Lake Village Motor Speedway in 2006 in the Jr.1 class.  In
2008 he won his 2nd championship at Ben Hur Speedway in Jr. 1.  In 2009 he won championships at both Ben Hur Speedway and
Lake Village Motor Speedway in the Jr. 2 class not an easy feat.  Kyle just got his 5th championship this year 2011 in the junior stock
class at Ben Hur Speedway.

Chris Erwin, Crew Chief #9 and #24 Cars

Chris is forty- one years old and father of Megan and Kyle. He has been a lifelong resident of Fountain County in Indiana. He
graduated from Fountain Central Jr./Sr. High School in 1990. He graduated from Vincennes University with a degree in Toll and Die
in 1992.  After graduation, he went to work in a factory and later started his own construction business for 15 years.  He now works
as a graphic designer

Beth Erwin, Asst. Crew Chief #9 and #24 Cars

Beth is the 43 year old mother of Megan and Kyle. She is a lifelong resident of Attica, Indiana in Fountain County, Indiana. She
graduated in 1988 from Attica Jr./ Sr. High School and graduated in 1993 from nursing school with her Associate Degree. She went
back to school while working to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree. She has worked as a nurse in a physician office , Disease
Management Health Educator, Clinical Advisor in quality management department for a major insurance company.

Sponsorship Proposal

What do you get for sponsoring our team?  First, you get to associate your business with a current and successful racing team.  
Motorsports are hot and here is your chance to jump on board with a local racing team.  Additionally, it is good for business to be
known as a sponsor of local children. Furthermore we will offer you a number of ways to advertise your business and your
sponsorship for our team.  The racing team would like to continue racing go karts and transition into mini sprints.  Depending on the
amount of money obtained by sponsorship, the team would like to, at some point, purchase 2 mini sprints and gain some experience
in that area.

Newspaper Ad

If you sponsor our team we will run an ad in the Fountain County Neighbor each month during the season.  This ad will feature a
photograph of our team, our most recent placings, and the date of the next race.  This ad will also list our sponsors.  Ads may
possibly be placed in other newspapers after discussions and an agreement.

Personal Appearances:

If you believe that your business will benefit from a personal appearance of our racing ream, we will bring our go- karts and drivers
and set up in front of or inside of your business for one three hour appearance per season.   Additional appearances can be
negotiated at a later time.  Obviously, the date and time of these appearances will have to be mutually agreed upon in advance by all

Fast Rolling Billboards

If you sponsor our team, we will place your business name and/or logos on both our karts.  We will furnish all the graphics for the
advertising you wish to have on the karts.  In addition to that, we will choose a sponsor of the month and place a large logo on the
front of our karts for the races ran that month and give that sponsor top billing in our newspaper ad and on our website.

Even Faster Rolling Billboards

In addition to the advertising on the go-karts themselves we transport our karts and equipment to the race track each week in an
enclosed 8’x14’ trailer.  This gives lots of room to place your business name and logos.

Walking Billboards

Both our drivers wear racing suits that has plenty of room for advertising your business.  In addition the drivers and crew wear team
shirts with our sponsors.

Internet Advertising

Erwin Motorsports has a web page that features the driver’s bios, racing results, newspaper articles and photos.  If you choose to
sponsor our team we will include a link to your webpage or corporate webpage if you have one.  If you would like to check out the
page for yourself you can find us at: www.erwinmotorsports.com .

What will all of this cost you?

Not much!  We have a few options available to you and we are willing to talk about any ideas you may have.  This can be adjusted to
one race, multiple races, or an entire season.  Personal appearances, advertising, etc. depends on level of sponsorship.  

Option 1

Product Sponsorship:  Provide all oil, fuel and tire prep for at least two races per month.  This is approximately  $125 a month.  

Option 2

Local Race Sponsorship:  Sponsorship of one or multiple local races.  This is approximately $150.00 a race.

Option 3

National Race Sponsorship:  Sponsorship of one National Race.  Approximate cost is $1500-2000.  This is cost of tires, entry fees,
fuel, alcohol, travel expenses, etc.

Why do we need a sponsor?  Racing is expensive.  If you want to be competitive, you need more cubic dollars than cubic inches.  
Here is a list of some of the items we need and use if interested in helping with equipment:

Entry Fees                                                  $60.00 -$80.00 (for both racers)
Raptor Briggs & Stratton                          $1500 (new, each) and $450 (for rebuild each)
Briggs & Stratton Overhead Valve          $1500 (new, each) and $375 (for rebuild each)
Chassis                                                      $ 2500 (new, each)
Body                                                           $ 180 each
Wheels                                                       approximately $25 each
Tires                                                           approximately $325 a set
Helmets                                                     $200.00 each
Oil                                                              $25.00 a gallon
Alcohol                                                      $5.00 a gallon
Tire prep                                                   $20.00 a quart


I would like to thank you for considering our proposal and we hope you decide to associate your business with our racing team.  We
believe that we have a lot to offer you and we will entertain any other ideas or suggestions that you may have.  Please contact us with
any questions at erwinmotorsports@yahoo.com